YouTube banned twice in Turkey within a week

AKP Watch January 23rd, 2008

An Islamist AK Party Supporter behind YouTube ban in Turkey

YouTube managed to be banned twice in Turkey within a week by having rulings from two separate courts consecutively.

The initial ruling came from Ankara Criminal Court on 17th January. Four days later, YouTube stated that they removed alleged videos and filed an appealed to lift the ban. However very same day, in another city, the Criminal Court of Sivas ruled to ban YouTube again. As of today, there are two seperate court orders to ban YouTube in Turkey.

As Turkish Traditional Media is almost totally under ruling Islamic AK Party’s control, YouTube emerged as an alternative free speech platform for opponent voices such as Yalcin Kucuk, Tuncay Ozkan and Nihat Genc. For this reason, surpression of internet based opposition is the one of highest priorities of Islamic AK Party government.

Although Turkish Courts are doing great job to silence internet based opposition, recently Islamic AK Party passed a new internet legislation to form an internet authority enabled by unrestricted powers to ban any internet site without court ruling.

Meanwhile yet another free speech platform, WordPress is still banned in Turkey since last six months.

AK Party Censors PKK News on Turkish Media

AKP Watch October 24th, 2007

AK Party censors media over PKK NewsAs news agencies publish pictures of eight captured Turkish soldiers, AK Party issued an executive order to cease all public broadcasting regarding recent terrorist attacks in southeastern Turkey.

Censorist Molla Akman on Duty

Head of Radio and Television Higher Authority (RTUK), Zahid Akman a.k.a Censorist Molla faxed cease and desist notices to all media companies in Turkey. As of 23rd October, Turkish Media Outlets are no longer broadcasting news or any kind of programming including commentaries about recent terrorist attacks.

Turkish Journalists Association: Blatant Censorism

Turkish Journalist Association immediatelly issued a press release and indicated that the decision is clear attempt to censor media to prevent fundamental right of citizens to access news and information.

 Erdoğan is Clueless and Paralyzed

Prime Minister  Erdoğan and rest of AK Party Cabinet feeling very desperate and clueless upon the recent attacks. The pressure from United States and Barzani preventing Erdoğan to step out the border and take action against PKK , meanwhile public outcry reached to new heights damaging Erdoğan’s reputation in Turkey. 

AK Party, once satiristicly called as Arabic Kurdish Party among nationalists, has stong ties with Barzani, the main supporter harboring PKK in Northern Iraq.

The ties are established in very high and personal level, for example, Çalık Holding, owned by Erdoğan’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak awarded billion dollars construction contracts by Barzani’s autonomous Kürdistan Authority and most of AK Party representatives from Southeastern Turkey are Kurds and under heavy influence of Barzani.

The censorship decision proved that Erdoğan decided to fight with freedom of speech instead of terrorist PKK and their supporters in Iraq.

Islamist AK Party is behind YouTube ban in Turkey

AKP Watch September 30th, 2007

An Islamist AK Party Supporter behind YouTube ban in TurkeyHistory is full of unimportant men who lived like a creep till fulfilling their destiny. When their time has come, they obey the masters and instantly became historical figures by leaving ugly scars in the face of civilization. Like Harvey Oswald who murdered Kennedy or Ogün Samast who shot Hrant Dink dead. The masters of puppets always remained unknown. But not this time!

A Radikal Islamist and AK Party Supporter

Ali Kütüklü was one of those unimportant men who fired bullets to the free speech. He is an radical islamist and a die hard supporter of AK Party, one day, told by his master’s that it’s the time to fulfill his destiny. With a little help from Fethullah Gülen’s lawyers, he went to court in eastern city of Sivas and obtained an order to block the video-sharing site because of clips that it considered insulting to President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

YouTube ban has nothing to do with Atatürk

Kütüklü and the usual suspects (AK Party Officals in Sivas and Fethullah Gülen’s sect) added Atatürk’s name to the court documents, just to cover up their mess and distract the public. Fortunately public is not fooled. AK Party and Islamist see Atatürk as an infidel and biggest enemy. It’s ironic to see Islamists who do everything possible to wipe out Atatürk legacy from Turkey, now changed their minds to protect his memory. Sounds very suspicious!

AK Party’s Crusade Against Free Speech

Since AK Party is controlling most of the major media outlets in Turkey, WordPress and YouTube became a center of political opposition, especially during the recent elections, opposition parties made a good use of internet as a free speech platform. AK Party got worried and decided to address this problem by employing a new strategy, a strategy to covertly silence the leading free speech platforms in the world. The first victims were YouTube and WordPress.

The strategy is simple: First, find a wacko/freak like Adnan Oktar or Ali Kütüklü, then covertly provide them full legal aid, send them to courts and the most importantly always have the luxury of plausible deniability: deny any connection to or awareness of such act with the AK Party.

Google/YouTube Cooperates with Islamists

It was shocking for us when YouTube announced that it’s ready cooperate with Islamist in Turkey to remove the inappropriate content out of YouTube. It’s very sad to see a very Silicon Valley/Bay Area firm Google/YouTube’s betrayed their roots and cooperate with Islamists to bash free speech.

The Bay Area was once the center progressive movement and maybe considered to be most openminded place to live, witnessed even The Free Speech Movement led by Mario Savio and his historical speech in the Sproul Hall in University of Berkeley. Now Google/YouTube -an offspring of bay area’s progressive culture- is selling out the most important principle of western civilization -the free speech- to islamists for a fistful of petro-dollars.

Remembering Sivas (Hotel Madimak) Massacre

Madimak MassacreEastern city of Sivas was always been an stronghold for radical islamist where Sivas Massacre took place. On July 2, 1993 (not 1493 of middle ages) radical islamists provoked by AK Party’s precursor, Islamist Walfare Party (President Abdullah Gul was Vice President of Walfare Party by then) gathered around Madimak Hotel and shouted for death to the infidels. The hotel was arsoned, flames engulfed several floors causing burned alive 37 people among whom were many famous and precious musicians, poets, few foreigners, guests, staff of hotel and even 2 of the attackers.

Walfare Party deputy Şevket Kazan, an attorney voluntary signup to defend the perpetrators and it’s ironic since he later promoted and became Minister of Justice!

Recently AK Party rejected CHP proposal to turn Hotel Madımak into a museum to remember the tragedy.

AK Party Opposition TV Channel Kanal Turk Suspended in Turkey

AKP Watch September 23rd, 2007

AK Party Opposition TV Channel KanalTurk Shut Down Critisizing ErdoganAK Party Opposition TV channel Kanalturk is once again targeted by the Islamist AK Party government. The channel have been shut down for six days as a penalty for Kanalturk’s broadcasts prior to July 22 general elections. The justification for the punishment was that while Kanalturk presented news about opposition parties in an objective manner, it discriminated against the ruling AKP by broadcasting PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s previous political statements and by doing so harmed his image.

Erdoğan would probably break a Guinness World Record, since he is most likely the world’s first and probably the last leader who believes his very own statements in the past is damaging his reputation and going to court for preventing the broadcast of his own speeches.

 Erasing the Past

Hikmetyar and ErdoğanTayyip Erdoğan is trying to erase his past as a radical islamist by pressuring media companies to not broadcast his previous speeches.  As a part of new image building strategy, AK Party has zero tolerance those who exposing their past. Earlier journalist Sezai Şengün of Daily Star Newspaper, fined approx. $10,000 for publishing Erdoğan’s photos with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a designated terrorist by US State department, who has participated in and supported terrorist acts committed by al-Qa’ida and the Taliban.


Censorist Molla

Zahid Akman , head of RTUK, Censorist MollaThe suspension decision made by minister of censorship Islamist Zahid Akman, who earlier appointed by Erdoğan to head of RTUK (Islamic High Board of Radio and Television). Akman (aka Molla) is a controversial figure in Turkish media, once described as “Censorist Molla” by Serdar Turgut, the editor-in-chief of widely circulated Turkish daily Aksam, pointing out his jihadist past as a islamist sect (tarikat) member and his loyality (biat) to his former sect. Akman has a pivotal role in AK Party’s strategy to surpress opposition by abusing RTUK’s unlimited powers which even include a permanent suspension. Akman frequently inviting media executives to RTUK to attend mandatory Nazi style briefings to adjust their broadcasting policy according to AK Party terms. 

Prior to RTUK, Akman was an executive in Kanal 7, an islamist TV Channel founded by former Walfare Party which was a precursor to AK Party. Kanal 7 and their non-profit charity organisation Deniz Feneri under money laundering and terror finance investigation by German Authorities and most of Kanal 7 executives currently under arrest in Germany. (Source: Evrensel in German and Hurriyet in Turkish)

Akman previously prevented TV Channels to air the movies Brokeback Mountain and Valley of the Wolves (Kurtlar Vadisi).

Switzerland Investigates AK Party linked Yimpaş under Terror Finance

AKP Watch September 10th, 2007

Yimpaş HoldingSwitzerland authorities investigating a possible terror finance case for Yimpaş Holding, Turkish daily Hürriyet reported.

AK Party Leader Prime Minister Erdogan and Yimpas CEO Dursun Uyar in an opening ceremony.Yimpaş Group, one of the main financiers of AK Party, illegally raised 2,5 billion euros from pious Turkish guest workers in mosques throughout Europe who were not willing to put their money into banks, since Islam prohibits interest but permits dividends that are considered part of a company’s profits and where payment is not guaranteed.

Financial authorities in Germany and Switzerland began to closely scrutinize Yimpaş after some officials were caught at Customs hauling money or gold into Turkey in suitcases.

German and Swiss Prosecutors charged Yimpaş with crimes related international fraud and money laundering.The Manheim Federal Court in Germany issued an international arrest warrant for Yimpaş Chairman Dursun Uyar and Interpol at that time placed him on its Red Notice list, Hürriyet reported.

AK Party Minister Cemil Çiçek with Yimpaş CEO Dursun Uyar in an opening ceremony in Yozgat, Yimpaş’s hometown.Switzerland was investigating possible international fraud by the Yimpas Group AG, Jeanette Balmer, spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office in Switzerland, said earlier. During the investigation Swiss authorities could not determined whereabouts of 18 million CHF, which possible end up with islamic terrorist organisations.

AK Party Minister of Industry Osman Coşkun attending a Yimpaş opening ceremony in Yozgat.AK Party’s leading public figures, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Industry and Trade Minister Ali Coşkun , Justice Minister Cemil Çiçek, Interior Minister Abdulkadir Aksu, Speaker of Parliament Bülent Arinç, were frequently apperaring in all opening receptions of Yimpaş Group.

AK Party Interior Minister Abdulkadir Aksu with Interpol wanted Yimpaş CEO Dursun UyarDespite an international warrant for his arrest, Dursun Uyar, Chairman of the huge Yimpaş Group, has made several public appearances, in some cases close to police and government officials, without being detained.

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